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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some sacred names

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم


These are the names which Allah used to create the Magnificence and Pride angels. These are the names Adam uttered. Hence, Allah forgave him. These are the names, Jesus the son of Miriam used to revive the dead and heal the livings. He cast it on diseases, thus Allah willing healed them. If you spoke of those names while you are pure of filth, the mountains will shake for the sake of its magnificence. The names are:


عني بيرخ بيروج برخوا شيرخ شاروخ يتمخ شخايا موخ فاسخ شموخ شميخا مخيخا أريخا بيروخا بهيا يا بوما هورياومح مهاروت يا هوه شيمو ملسياميم مقنانا بشفهرز هرازر باروخ شرفيوخ بالوخا

This is a great gift for you from us! And may the man who is clean and have wisdom and knowledge, use these names to make only good, but not bad! Because Allah is great!

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