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Friday, April 28, 2017

Talisman taweez to gain more mind power and intelligence

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم


 The taweez is written in sunshine time on saucer with saffron ink, then it must be dissolved in the water that is being drunk. This is done for seven days.



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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Protection from black magic - real evidence

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم


 Before 2 months we sended to our client the special brass protection nails  all made in halal way - you can find them on our site. These nails are specially made for protection against evil, black magic, jinnat, devil( shaitan) and so on. Our client told us that he got enemies which are disturbing his life from a long time. Our client is a non-muslim. 

Before 2 weeks he send to us photos of the nails, which he putted in the four corners of his living room. You will see the photos below. He was surprised of the appeared green/blue marks on them. This is another  case in which we are showing our power in stopping the evil. The evil ( black magic or jinnat) was stopped by our sacred nails and appeared on the nails as blue/green marks. Some people said that this green/blue marks are patina and rust over the brass, but on brass the patina is yellow/red.




 This is another case which is proove that there is a lot of evil in this world and it is real and not in people imagination.

And also  - this is proove for our working and true services. Fear Allah!

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Several islamic taweez for love and return of lost love

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم


1. Write the following taweez on six  pieces of paper - hang one on a tree, wear one in you,burry one in a grave, and the other three burn them. When writting them - you have to recite over them for 500 times the following words - "Shar sheeb shahab" and state your wish after that - " Let ( the person name and mother name) comes to me ( your name and mother name) in deep love and stay with me forever. You have to burn frankincense and coriander. Here is the taweez (not full) :

2. The following ancient amal is used for return of lost love to you. It is good to fast for some days before doing it.  It is used in very difficult cases, when nothing else can help. In this amal, are used jinnat. Sit in empty room after esha namaz. Take 7 drops of frankincense, and read over each drop 7 times the following words and after that  - throw the drop in the fire.The reason we write it in english transliteration is because we want this ancient knowledge to reach more people. 
Bishamtit, Bishamtit,
tashatash ,tashatash
ajiba ya-a rasmuishu,rasmuishu
ua tauakal bitahiju ua jalbi ua akad
( the name of the beloved)
ua akida numuha bimuhbat 
( your name)
hatta la tunamu ila fi alail uala fi nahar
 min shidda al kalak ual uasuas ual afkar bihak
tauakal ya-a enkud
bitahiju ua jalab
( the name of the beloved)
ua ukidu numuhabimuhbatih,bihak kr
iin kanat illa saiha,
uahidat fajdahum jamia ladajna muhdarun
al uaha, al uaha, al ajal, al ajal , al saa, al saa
3.  Write on friday with saffron ink on 7 pieces of  plane paper. Burn for 7 nights and your beloved one will come to you. Put the beloved name and her/his mother name where are "fulana binti fulana". The talisman is incomplete. 

4.  Write with roohani ink in friday in the hour of Venus on white paper, fold and wrap in red cotton cloth. Wear it as much as possible in you. Protect from water and bad smells. On the bottom of the taweez - write your name and mother name and the desired person name and his/her mother name. 

5. Here is arabic love bind magic found by Al-Thouki. If you want a person to follow you like a dog - do as follows. Take some white flour and recite over it the name of the beloved person and her/his mother name,recite the names such number as there is their abjad sum. Make a dough with the flour without using yeast and salt. Shape the dough like a flat loaf, write the following talisman on the loaf and bake it in oven. After it is ready, feed a dog with it. 

And here we got another one taweez for return of lost love
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