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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Amal-ritual for separation and divorce

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم


 as salam, here we are going to show you one tested and approved ritual-amal for separation and divorce of a couple. No matter - husband and wife,spouces, or girlfriend and boyfriend. This works every time, but it takes some efforts from your side. We performed it for last time ,last week in special time at the graveyard. So here what you have to do to separate a couple.

On Tuesday at noon exactly visit a graveyard. Sit between two old graves and read 

Darood - 1 time 
Surah Lahab - 500 times
Darood - 1 time

After that - state your wish - something like that:  Ya Allah please create hatred and separation between Adam son of Mary and Eve daughter of Mary. You must take names with the name of their mother.

They will start to hate each other immediately.

And here is a photo of our work, with checkings when we read the surah - as you can see - every our work is genuine and authentic. This is the only way, when it is working and this is the reason of our high rate of success.


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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Egg of a djinn-genie - satan and devil child

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم


 Here we are going to show you something, which was beyond our imagination and we feel blessed from Allah that we could find it.


In the end of 2016 , our costumer from Dalaman region in Turkey connected with us with the information for a forest in the central part of the country, which is obsessed by jinns. He sended to us some video materials with interviews from local villagers and footage from the forest. After we saw the videos – for us there was no doubt that the forest is haunted. But the thing that attracted our attention was the words of some of the villagers that they have found from time to time strange big eggs in the forest. The people call several times moulana, which told them not to touch the eggs, because they were devil or jinn eggs. We were so impressed with those videos and in july 2017 we take a journey to Turkey. 



There - with the help of the villagers, we went to the forest and found some of the eggs. They were hidden in the roots of old ugly trees, we go there only in daylight armed with all known prayers and duas that you can imagine. Our fear was unimaginable, because we entered the realms of fantasies and myths and we found out that these realms are real. We praise Allah S.A.T. that nothing bad happen to us and we could take all the eggs that we could find out. We took only one, the others are kept in Turkey for now.  

Now we want to talk more about the nature of these eggs and their history. For us there is no doubt that the stashes we found are full with shaitan/devil eggs and what ever other explanation we think for the eggs placed in these old ugly trees – this was the only one which have some logic in it. The arab historian Al Masudi ( known as Herodotus of the arabs) explain the whole situation in his book 'Meadows of Gold': It is said that Iblis/shaytan/satan/devil has layed 30 eggs from his sexual act with the holy mother Eve: 10 in the west, 10 in the east and 10 in the middle of the earth. We believe that the eggs are lot more than the number given in the legends. These eggs are known in the muslim world as the “children of Satan”. From every egg emerged a race of creatures, like qotrobaht – the mother of qotrobs (the cat demons), ghilan-ghouls, which lives in deserts and ruins, aqarib – scorpions, qatarib - night birds, jann - snakes, maradahs – which inhabits the islands and so on. We will stop our attention on one of the kinds which are living in the mountains and forests – si`lah. As you know – when the jinn or devil starts to live in tree, the tree grows very big and very deformated and ugly, so if you go to a forest with normal trees and saw a enourmous tree with ugly shape, you have to know that it is haunted by jinn or by satan. All the eggs that we found in the forest in Turkey were in the roots of such ugly deformated trees. This egg belongs to si`lahs kind, it is almost 2 kilos of weight and got STONED from the time. We believed that these eggs that we found are not hatched because of some reason, probably the si`lahs which lay the egg were expelled in very fast way by the coming islam. A good explanation is the Seljuk turks invasion of Anatolia in Asia Minor started in 1071 ( the territory of modern Turkey).


The Si’lah literally means “she-jinn” the jinn of lightning who possess long forelegs and hind feet and have a mane of ash-gray color. As for their overall appearance, they look like greyhound. They are expert shape-shifters and the smartest of the jinn. They can mimic human appearance with ease. Sources vary on the morality of si’lahs. Some assert they are the wickedest type of ghul; others that they are merely capricious tricksters who might either help or cause trouble for mortals. A she-demon of this name was ancestress of the tribe of Amr-b-Yarbu. Si’lahs dwell in woodlands, where they capture travelers, force them to dance and copulate with them so they can have children/eggs. Ancient traditions describe this jinn as sudden in appearance and disappearance, with a cat-like face, canine teeth, and a forked tongue. These creatures are mentioned in the Holly Quran by our prophet.  

This is our short story about that extraordinary item that we found. The egg is completely safe, because of the stoning process. However, we prefer to keep it in box with certain duas in it – just for any case. We don`t know yet, if these eggs has somekind of magic or spiritual powers in them, so for now it has more collectable value.

The price of the egg is 4000 usd, for some people it may be a very big price, but for us - it is priceless and only true seeker of knowledge and the unseen can understand why the price is such for this unique item.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Taweez to quit smoking


بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم


If you have tried to quit smoking thousand times, without any success. Or you have a relative which smokes like a chimney and want him to stop, this taweez will help. It is written on monday. In the empty box- write the name and the mother name of the person whom you wish to stop smoking.Fold and wrap in white cotton cloth and wear in you.  Soon you will find even the thoughts for cigarettes disguisting.

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