Working taweez

Working taweez

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Taweez for money and wealth with surah Muzammil

        بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

Today we will show you one very good working talisman-taweez for money and wealth with surah Muzammil. No matter if you are involved in trade, you got a shop, or you are working in office like an employee. With the help of this taweez - your income will get bigger and bigger with time. You just have to wear it in your neck. 

The proccess of creating the money taweez:

1. You have to make this item in the appropriate hour of the arabic month. There are several options for this. You have to check which one to choose. Avoid Saturday and Thursday and their planetary hours. 

2. You have to wear new clean clothes.

3. You have to take wudu before starting the amal.

4. The taweez below has to be written with roohani red saffron ink on white paper. 

5. On it you have to burn olibanum for 5-10 minutes and recite the surah Muzammil for 11 times. 

6. After that - fold it and wrap it in white cotton cloth. 

7. Wear it on your neck on a string. Don`t put it in leather or metal lockets. 

8. Remove it when you go to the toilet, while sleeping or have intercourse. 

Here is the taweez that you have to write.