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Friday, February 22, 2019

Ritual-amal for lost love

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

 Write the following talisman on 3 papers of white plain paper with safrron ink. And under it write with free word - 'Let......(name of the beloved) come to me ( your name) in love! Fast,hurry ,at once!'After that - put three pieces of frankincense , three white peppercorns and coriander seeds in each paper and wrap it. On Sunday - burn one paper in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening. For taweez and spell casting solutions to your problems  - write us at:

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Talismans for kidney problems - for drinking

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

 If you have problems with your kidneys - stones or pyelonephritis or any other health problem with them. The two talismans below will help you. Write on 14 pieces of plain white paper the first one and on 14 pieces  - the second one. Write them with saffron ink Evey day you have to disolve in 1 litre of water one talisman and drink the water. When you finished with the first 14 pieces, then start with the second 14 pieces. After this pricedure - your kidney problems will be solved. If you have any other problem - you can use different health talismans - like the taweez against pain in the eyes.
Here is the first talisman-ta`wiz:

Here is the second talisman-ta`wiz.

There is no need of any incense for burning on them. Just write them on sunday morning. For taweez and spell casting solutions to your problems  - write us at:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wazifas for money and to become rich

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

Here we will show you some wazifas that we have tested by our own with great success. They are wazifas for money and wealth, in case you are jobless or you want to improve selling in your shop or gain your salary. You have to remember that when you are praying waziza - you have to be with clean clothes, clean body and most important - with clean toughts. Only then Allah S.A.T. will help you.

1. Wazifa to become rich -

 do it regularly,do it every day, do not miss any day.
After Esha salah ( the night prayer)  every night read

Darood Ibrahimi  11 times

Surah Muzammal 11 times

While reading Surah Muzammal Everytime when u reach this ayet…..fatta khuz ho vakila…. after reading this whole ayet
Read Has bo nalla ho va naemal vakeel ..20 times
This has to be done each time you read Surah Muzammal.

At the end of the wazifa Darood Ibrahimi 11 times.
Then do a dua with free words and ask Allah to make you rich.

You will see the effects after 1 week of this wazifa.

 2. Wazifa

Read at least 350 times every day the Allah name  - Ya Ghanio.
with darood Ibrahimi 1 time before and after.

3. Wazifa

Read the Allah name - Ya Uahhabo1000 times after the night prayer with darood Ibrahimi 11 times before and after.
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Friday, February 1, 2019

Talisman-taweez against djinns and ghosts

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

Here is one very interesting taweez against djinns and ghosts which we have tested several times and it showed good results. 
Write it in Sunday - in the hour of the Sun - with spritual ink on a white paper. Evapore on it for 10 minutes sandal wood chips. Recite on it for 33 times  surah 91 - The Sun. Then blow on it. Fold the taweez-talisman and put it somewhere around your front door of your house or apartment. You can also put it under your bed.It is really good item.

Sura 91 - The sun

[91:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
[91:1] By the sun and its brightness.
[91:2] The moon that follows it.
[91:3] The day that reveals.
[91:4] The night that covers.
[91:5] The sky and Him who built it.
[91:6] The earth and Him who sustains it.
[91:7] The soul and Him who created it.
[91:8] Then showed it what is evil and what is good.
[91:9] Successful is one who redeems it.
[91:10] Failing is one who neglects it.
[91:11] Thamûd's disbelief caused them to transgress.
[91:12] They followed the worst among them.
[91:13] GOD's messenger said to them, "This is GOD's camel; let her drink."
[91:14] They disbelieved him and slaughtered her. Their Lord then requited them for their sin and annihilated them.
[91:15] Yet, those who came after them remain heedless.

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