Working taweez

Monday, May 15, 2023

Islamic talisman-taweez for fast marriage

       بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

    Brothers and sisters, today we will show you one very good sufi talisman-taweez, that we used several times for our clients with great success. It can be used by both - men and women. It is used in cases, when there is no marriage proposals for you ( or your child), this item will open the gates of luck for finding a good match for you. It is not a secret that with time going by, the chance to find a spouce, is decreasing. And in this modern society of freedom, more and more young people decide to get married when they are older. 

And what to do, when you are shy, don` have charisma, you are not beautiful enough or don`t have enough money? What can these people do? To stay single to the rest of their lifes, because they don`t got the luck to be born beautiful or rich? No, no, no! We are a great fighters with the unjustice and we want to help all these poor souls ,who want to make family, but the opportunities and luck are against them. 

With this great taweez below, its owner will get good marriage proposals in a fast way. It will open the luck for finding and meeting new persons, who will have the same moral values like yours and will like you, so you can start a harmony relationship.

Keep in mind that this taweez can be used by anyone - muslim or not.

Write this talisman-taweez below on yellow paper with red roohani ink. Do it 2 days before the full moon in the hour of venus. Before writting it, recite surah Fatiha 7 times. After writting it - recite surah Taha, verse 2 for 33 timesm while holding the item on olibanum incense. After that - fold the taweez as much as you can and wrap it in green cotton cloth. Then wear it in you as much as possible - in pocket, on arm, on neck. Soon everything will start to change.