Working taweez

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Islamic talisman taweez for fear in your enemies

      بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

Here is a very special taweez to induce fear in the hearts of your enemies - no matter where and who they are. They won`t be able to do anything against you. You have to wear this taweez in you - in pocket, wallet, on neck or on arm. Write in Monday in the hour of Mercury on white paper with spiritual ink. Recite on it sura Fatiha for 33 times while evaporating on the taweez olibanum.Then fold it and wrap in green cotton cloth. You can put some jasmine attar on the cloth. Wear oin you as much as possible. It is a completely permissible taweez. For taweez and spell casting solutions to your problems  - write us at:

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Taweez to know truth in a dream

     بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

Brothers and sisters, in our lifes we have always face some problems which can change our world drastically. To make important decisions, to get answers to crucial questions, to know what to do in future. With this islamic talisman-taweez, your life can get a little bit easier. Write the following verse on white paper with roohani ink in friday, no matter in which hour, on the bottom write your question. Evaporate good smelling bokhur until you recite the written verse for 72 times. Then blow on the paper and fold it. Put it under your pillow. After that - every night before going to sleep recite the verse for 72 times on the taweez, then put again under pillow, do this for 14 days. The answer to your question will appear in your dream in this 14 day period. For different types of taweez - contact us.For taweez and spell casting solutions to your problems  - visit us at -

Monday, November 15, 2021

Taweez-talisman to attract women

    بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

We know that some men have problems with the women – some of them are even too shy to speak with them and their person life is ruined – they cannot find a suitable partner, to make family and so on. This taweez will help them in the best way to attract women at all ages. The owner of this taweez – will be the center of the attention, his charisma will get higher and ho won`t be able to get rid of women around him. Write it with roohani ink on white paper in Friday – in the hour of Zuhra, at the bottom  - write your name and your mother name, then evaporate some olibanum on it for 10 minutes. Then wrap in red cotton cloth and wear in you, you can put attar on the cloth once in 3 weeks. As much as you wear the item - the better effect it will have over the women you meet.For taweez and spell casting solutions to your problems  - visit us at -

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Taweez for wealth, abundance and prosperity

   بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

This very good working islamic talisman-taweez is for wealth, abundance and prosperity, which will come from known and unknown places. There is a procedure for this amulet to be made - it should be made in monday - in 7 o`clock in the morning, before that - for 7 days ,you have to recite 7 times a day sura Ikhlas. It has to be written with saffron ink on white paper. Then recite on it 11 times sura Ikhlas while evaporating on it good smelling olibanum. After that - wrap in green cotton cloth. After that - for another 7 days - evaporate olibanum on the taweez and recite sura Ikhlas for 11 times a day. Now it is ready and you can wear it in you as much as possible. Soon you will start to gain more and more money, if you have a shop and you are involved in trade - you will have more clients and orders no matter what you are selling and in what scale, if you are employee - your salary will get bigger, it works also for job promotion. 
Remember that the taweez on the picture is not written in the right way - it is mistaken.

Only the people with knowledge will understand what is written and can make it. 

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Talisman-taweez against loosing of money

  بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

Assalamu, brothers and sisters, today we will show you one very effective talisman-taweez against loosing of money, so your money won`t leave your pocket easily. Everybody knows how difficult is nowdays to make money and how easily is to loose them, so this item will be only for big use for you. 

Write it in Tuesday in the hour of Mercury with roohani ink on white paper, evaporate some good smelling frankincense on it, recite on it sura zilzala for 11 times then blow on it, flod it and wrap in green cotton cloth. Put it in your purse or wallet and wear as much as possible. Keep in mind that the picture is not full - only the true seeking and knowledgemaster can understand it.

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