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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Different Islam magic taweez for love bind and reunion

بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

1. This taweez is written in friday of the new moon, under the main text you have to write the name of the beloved one and the name of his/her mother.You have to fold the taweez and wear it in you as much as possible. Soon the person you love will start to make contact with you and will be attracted by you.

2. Here is a very effective item for love between two persons. It has to be written in friday night with shaffron ink.The names of the two people and the names of their mothers have to be added. Over the item certain readings has to be made. The effect of this item is unique.  

3. This talisman is made from metal - usually copper in friday. It is used with big efficiency for calling the beloved partner which leaved you and for love with him. Also for a person with which you want to get intimate. On the second row after the letters you have to write in arabic language the name of the beloved one and the name of his/her mother .When the talisman is ready  - you have to put it in fire/oven and so on for 20 minutes so the metal can get hot. Make this for at least 21 days, Only true love lives forever! This is talisman with great efficiency. 

4. Subpoena for the person you love, no matter if you have relationship before or you are separated. He will come to you fast and love you. Write the talisman below on plane paper, then make it on a roll and wrap in pure cotton,put the talisman in oil, then start burning tihs wick-talisman in a oil lamp,the oil should be from lavender or jasmine. Burn it in friday ( the day of venus) in rising moon. Use frankincense and oud. This talisman should be burned in the night for three nights. ( in some hard cases - for 7 nights). The burning should start every night at the same time. The direction of the wick-talisman should be in the direction where the other person is living. When the talisman is burning  - it is good to read sura Muzamil. On the talisman - ,under the drawing ,you should write the name of the person and persons mother. 

5. Talisman-taweez to attract love.Write in Friday with saffron ink on clean paper, fold and wear in you.

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