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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Taweez to be invincible

              بسم الله الرحماني الرحيم

Today we will show you one islamic taweez to be invincible in every batle you go in. No matter if it is a real war, sport competition, go to exam, or job interview. This taweez will bring you victory without a problem. Write the taweez in Sunday, in the hour of the sun. In the begining of the arabic month. Write it with roohani ink on white paper. A the bottom write with free words your wish, mentioning your name and mother name. Also  - write darood sharif.  Recite on it surah Fatiha 33 times, then surah Ikhlas 66 times, then 33 times darood sharif - the best is darood Ibrahimi, while evaporating good smelling incense on the taweez. Then fold the item and put it in green cotton cloth. Wear the items as much as possible in you - the best is on neck. You can put it in leather pouch.  For taweez and spell casting solutions to your problems  - visit us at -

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